When I enter my showroom, I am certain that I am in my place. It is my extension and that of my work. It is a friendly, welcoming and seductive space. When they visit me, it always captivates. Connoisseurs say it is really photogenic and that is because it has that clear stamp of natural elegance of the noble buildings.

The architecture from the period has an urban memory imprinted on the skin of its walls, full of events and meanings. Located in the commercial zone of Zamora, it is one of those few buildings from the beginning of the last century that resisted the change of the new world. Today it shows us that it is still alive and keeps telling stories, stories that in this case are those of my own firm.

All my scarfs, paintings, photographs and projects fit into it as if they had always coexisted and that is when you find your place, everything flows alone.

Expand each detail of the showroom