Painted silk masks. Exclusive. With filter adapter. Nº64F6


Silk masks 100% with internal filter.
Painted by Ana Zaragozá. Exclusive.
Comfortable, adaptable and soft to the touch.
Includes package with five filters.

“The OMS and CDC now advise people to wear a hygienic mask when away from home. Although wearing a mask does not prevent the spread of COVID-19, covering your mouth may help protect others if you are an unknown carrier of the virus”.

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Perfect mask for bus trips, for use in airports, shopping
malls, parks and busy city streets.
Can be washed and steam-ironed at maximum temperature.

“In a healthy general population, the recommendations of international organizations (OMS, CDC, ECDC) raise the possibility of using hygienic masks.
Mask use in the healthy general population may be particularly relevant in epidemic situations when the number of asymptomatic but infectious people can be assumed to be high in the community”.


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